Sounds exist in the context of space. While thinking of a recording studio as a place to create and record sound, we attach great importance to the room acoustics. We treat it as an essence and as an instrument.

Sam Toyoshima

We decided to invite Masami Sam Toyoshima – who is responsible for the acoustics of the Abbey Road, Metropolis and Olympic studios, among others – to create the acoustic design. He’s a true legend and an innovator in the field of room acoustics. The solutions he has created are widely applied in the design of sound spaces.
Toyoshima created a unique design to realise our vision at the most up-to-date global level. Over four years of collaboration, we worked continuously on our acoustic solutions, with Sam personally supervising the construction work on site.

The Studio

The studio comprises a large control room, live room and four isolation booths, with a total area of 150 m2. The conditions are excellent for recording multi-instrument sessions, where all the musicians are playing at the same time. The studios and control room are separated by large windows. This creates a common area in which everyone interacts with one another.

Recording rooms

Each room has a different sound and assigned role:

The Live Room, with an area of 60 m2 and a height of 7 m, this is the central recording room, with the other studios focused around it. Due to its cubic capacity and birch wood finish, the room is characterised by a lively, warm and dense reverb. It is ideally suited for recording acoustic instruments, which achieve a fullness of sound in consonance with the space

The Drum Room, with an area of 12m, is a uniquely designed space which combines high absorption with a large airspace (due to its height of over 4 m). This allows for close, detailed recording while maintaining breathability. Used in the recording of virtually all instruments – from drum kits to brass sections and guitar amplifiers.

The Piano Booth, with an area of 17 m2, is a room designed for recording the full detail and energy of the piano and other instruments that work well with a fairly lively but very responsive space.

The Voc Booth, with an area of 7 m2, is a cosy, highly absorptive space. It’s actual height is over 5 m, but half of this is filled with hidden, wideband sound absorbers. Due to its nature, it fulfils the role of a room for direct recordings of loud instrumental amplifiers, as well as vocals and all other instruments.

The Amp Room, with an area of 4 m2, is constructed similarly to the Voc Booth. Due to its large area of hidden sound absorbers and its proportions, it is ideal for the registration of loud instrumental amplifiers.

All areas of the studio are installed with a silent, fully-automated ventilation system, which ensures the maintenance of optimum air parameters.